Welcome to Unigreen

Unigreen Internacional SAS is one of the leading exporters of Timber products operating from Cartagena, Colombia with clients globally especially in India, Vietnam, China, South Korea & Bangladesh. We have a team of highly skilled professionals with in-depth product knowledge. We export Timber Products like Teak Round Logs, Teak Blocks, Gmelina Round Logs, Gmelina Blocks, Cumaru Blocks, Balsamo Blocks, Saman Round Logs, Saman Table Tops, etc.  We believe in providing the highest quality products and 100% customer satisfaction. 

About Unigreen

Unigreen Internacional SAS  was founded in year 2017 with vision of becoming leader in Timber supply chain Industry in Latin America. Within 4 years of its inception Unigreen is already one of the top colombian exporters with dozens of satisfied clients across Asia.

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Our Products

Teak Logs and Squares

This is our niche supply chain management business with total trade value of approximately 2.5 million dollars annually


Cumaru also known as Diptyrex Oleifera is available in abundance in Colombia. We sale almost 90% of our Cumaru wood to Vietnam


We do shipments of Balsamo wood to Vietnam on regular basis.


Most of our Gmelina is exported to Kolkata, India and Chitgong, Bangladesh. We supply short length as well as long length of Gmelina wood.


We are exporting Saman Round Logs and Table Tops to China & Vietnam.

Our Presence

We are currently operating from our Headquarter in Cartagena, Colombia in Latin America and we have clients in India, Vietnam, China, South Korea, Singapore, Bangladesh & Dubai.